How to keep your Sexual Life Balance

Approximately half of women and one third of men experiencing difficulties in bed. Driven into the stress, fatigue, lack of time can destroy sexual desire and arousal, and orgasm. Sometimes reducing the sexual instinct is influenced by disturbances of hormonal balance or because of taking certain medications.

Experts in sexual therapy do not like to resort to estimates of intimate life on the basis of frequency of sexual intercourse and to call any figures to indicate the norm. Naturally, if you have intercourse twice a month or less often, such activity is considered to be low. However, the reduction of sexual desire only be seen as a disorder when because of the problems in relations with partners outside their own bedrooms.

Sexual attraction can be compared with gusto. It’s no secret that virtually impossible to impose on someone their opinion about the taste or convince yourself that you really lack some fun. In kntse all, the taste and color … You can think of some kinds of tempting food as delicious dessert, but this does not mean that you can convince anyone of those who do not feel the need to eat. Nevertheless, the situation can try to change, taking as a guide to action a number of practical recommendations from sexologists:

  • Try to diversify sex with new postures and techniques. The main enemy of the majority of couples – it’s a habit. If day after day to see the table at the same meal – even beloved, in some moment it may cause aversion. And the desire to “change table”, which are able to cope with not all. And just something to take the risk and cost to replace the sauce …
  • People with low sex drive often avoid expressing any feelings towards their partners, forgetting that there is no contact with a partner creates the impression that he was unwanted and unloved. Do not be afraid to express their feelings through kissing, light touching the arms and shoulders, stroking her hair. In such a demonstration of need, both partners, although they should understand that the expression of their affection for each other need not be a signal for sex.
  • Read something on the theme of intimate relationships. Erotic literature will nourish and stimulate your sensual top that will, eventually, get rid of excessive shyness and waking fantasy.
  • Get rid of depression and stress. When depression can be observed violations of the physical condition and lack of interest in almost everything, including anaphrodisia. In addition, it often turns out that both partners are working. Requirements for professional growth, the need for training to raise their children – all of this relates to stress factors that reduce sexual desire and can cause a person a state of apathy when it comes to sex. Overcome this situation can only be apart right priorities – none of the household or industrial problems is not worth it to give them too much time, effort and emotion. Sexopathologists advised to make an appointment to your partner, try to deal not only with sex, but … just talk to each other.
  • Look closely at the medicines you take. A number of drugs, especially some psychotropic and antidepressant means, and means to lower blood pressure can lead to a weakening of sexual desire. If you are taking drugs that you think, make you drop the sexual instinct, you should consult your doctor about possible alternatives.
  • Look for outside help. To get started please refer to the partner. In the end, he or she will be the first to notice a decrease in sexual desire. Tell us about your problems, is uncomfortable about the concerns and the state of embarrassment in connection with the proposed action, while emphasizing that you are willing to do it for the sake of good relations. In an extreme case, contact a friend or family member you trust. The main thing – do not keep it to myself, turning a temporary problem into a chronic disease.

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